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Serving Suggestions — salmon sashimi

Salmon Sashimi with Caviar

Caviar King

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Salmon Sashimi with Caviar

Serves: 4  Ingredients: Salmon sashimi - 600g Caviar - 50g  Baby arugula leaves/ salad leaves - 30g Gold leaf - 5g  Directions:  Slice the salmon sashimi into "thick" pieces.Thickness of the salmon sashimi affects the texture as a whole; consistency of thickness affects appearance. Open a tin of caviar and, using a Mother of Pearl spoon, add a spoonful of caviar in the middle of each salmon sashimi. Put a little bit of gold leaf right on top of the caviar. Arrange the salmon sashimi onto a serving plate. Garnish the caviar with the baby arugula leaves. Serve.